Lake Meridian Water District
Mission Statement

Dedicated to provide the best quality water to the Lake Meridian area at the lowest possible price.

District Office
27224 144th Ave SE
Kent, WA 98042
253-631-3770 Office
253-859-6870 After Hours
253-631-8072 Fax
Contact via E-mail


When is payment for my water bill due?

Payment is due upon receipt but is not considered past due until 30 days after the billing date. Past due bills will be assessed a 10% penalty. You may check your balance in the Account Status tab or call the office at 253-631-3770.

What are my options for paying my water bill?

The District currently offers an online payment option on the homepage as well as an automated phone payment system by calling 253-218-1659.

The District offers an AUTOPAY program. Go to Autopay Form and follow the directions on the form to setup autopay from your checking account.

The District also accepts payment by mail or at the District office in the maildrop on the front of the building. When mailing your payment, please use the mailing address on your statement which allows for the quickest processing.

Will there be a rate increase this year for my water bill?

There will be a 6% increase for 2023. Follow this link for a complete list of the District's 2023 Water Rates

How do I find buried utility lines?

Contact Utilities Underground Location Center at 1-800-424-5555 at least 2 days before you dig.

How many gallons are in a CCF?

You are billed in units of 100 cubic feet (1 ccf). There are approximately 748 gallons in 1 ccf.

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